Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sometimes Things Get A Little Bit Better

Last night my sister came over and cut my hair for me.  I put it in a pony tail and she chopped it off.  It's completely uneven and looks like a hack job but I don't really care.  It'll be easier to manage the hair that falls out now that it's shorter.  I'm not quite sure when I'll be ready to shave it all off.  I guess that will be when it starts coming out at a faster rate or when it starts to look bad.  In other words...any day now.

Today I had appointments all day in Santa Barbara.  The most important one was the one with my OB.  She did a quick ultrasound to check the placenta previa and it's already improved from my last ultrasound two weeks ago.  Hopefully by my next appointment I will be in the clear and can start exercising again.

I never updated about my appointment with the new plastic surgeon.  It went well.  I definitely feel like I can trust him to do a good job.  He filled the misplaced implant enough to smooth out the places that were pointy and causing discomfort.  I hate the way it looks.  My right pectoral muscle looks enlarged.  My sister says it doesn't look bad that it just looks like I'm swollen.  I don't like looking swollen.  I have a swollen pectoral muscle and a concave breast...not my idea of an appealing look.  I can't really complain much though.  At least it's not as uncomfortable as it was.

Tonight I came home to another gift of love from my friend Sharon who knows what it's like to lose both a breast and her hair.  I was given a book called Turning Heads.  It's filled with photographs of women who have lost their hair from chemotherapy.  The most special part is that Sharon wrote by hand scriptural promises throughout the book.  On one of those pages is a bald 35 year old mother blowing bubbles in the yard with her three children.  The scripture written on that page is Psalm 32:7 - "You are my hiding place; You will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance."

The most amazing thing about this journey I'm on...the blessings that show up with perfect timing.  It's not just Sharon and her scripture filled book or June with her prayer quilt...it's all of you.  Whether it's caring enough about me to read my blog, encouraging me with your kind words, sending me a text message that says good luck today, providing a meal, donating to the fundraiser, buying me hats, praying for me, sending money to help with my medical bills, wanting to sock my plastic surgeon or any of the other bazillion kindnesses that have been shown to me...you all have blessed me.  There is no way I can ever express how greatly these blessings have impacted my life...these blessings that keep showing up at just the right times.


  1. Good job sister. Your strength is quite impressive! See you in a few weeks.

    Nate D

    1. Thanks, Nate! I love you and I'm looking forward to seeing you in Tahoe.

  2. When you need to vent, just vent to God. I do it all the time! God understands, and loves the fact that we are even talking to Him. It does not have to be in prayer form. Just talk to Him as you would to your most intimate friend. He is not judgmental, just loving and understanding. Aunt Cheryl