Friday, June 22, 2012

The Fine Line Between Too Much and Too Little Hair

As I was getting into the shower this morning, I looked around at all the hair products and I was thinking... this might be the last time I wash my hair.  Is losing my hair something I can really prepare myself for?  How did I prepare for losing my breast?  I didn't.  It happened and I was fine.  At least my breast removal was scheduled.  Maybe I should go ahead and schedule my hair loss as well rather than sitting around and waiting for it to happen.  As I'm contemplating all of this in the shower, I go to shave my arm pits and there's nothing to shave!  I am going to savor this one moment.  My hair is still firmly in my head and the hair has stopped growing on the rest of my body!  If I could just press pause on my current hair situation for the rest of my life, I would be one happy gal.

I have an appointment with my new plastic surgeon today.  I'm very excited about this appointment because for the past several weeks I've been trying to ignore the discomfort caused by the implant.  I'm not sure if I mentioned this in any of my previous posts but after the incompetent plastic surgeon filled and deflated the implant, I ended up with pointy ridges right under my arm pit that rub and cause quite a bit of discomfort.  The port sitting right under my bra line causes a problem for me to.  I don't really think he'll be able to do much for me right now but I'm hoping that he might possibly be able to fill the implant a tiny bit to smooth out those ridges.  We'll see.  This plastic surgeon comes very highly recommended.  He's also listed as the number one plastic surgeon in Ventura for several years running.  So I'm thinking it's a good indicator that he is probably going to be a competent plastic surgeon.


  1. Okay I giggled a bit with the while "pause" thing:) I live your positive attitude girl. You inspire me!!!

    1. I giggled a bit when I noticed I didn't have any hair to shave. It was a very special moment for me. ;) I am so proud of you every time I see your check in at the gym. I can't wait to see you again to see how skinny you're getting. I love you!

  2. Damn spell check!