Thursday, June 21, 2012

Cross Stitchers Anonymous

I haven't updated my bog in several days because I have been extremely busy.  I've spent the last several days doing counting cross stitch and when I needed a break from that, I was reading.  This may not sound all that busy to you, but if you have a little OCD that runs in your family too, maybe you can understand.  My mother-in-law so sweetly bought me the cross stitch.  At first I was really enjoying it.  As my OCD crept up on me, grabbed me by the neck and forced me to stitch away continuously until I had finally completed the project, it became much less enjoyable.  I am so relieved to say that I have finally finished and I think I will keep away from cross stitch from now on.
Keeping my hands busy has been good for me though.  I've stayed away from my computer and taken time to let my mind wander and process while I've been keeping my hands busy and my place on the couch warm.  Allowing my mind to wander has been nice.  It's really kinda fun to see where it takes me.  I think all this down time gives me a great opportunity to really evaluate myself and see who I really am.  I have to say, I am quite pleased with the work the Lord has done in me.  Despite a few set backs here and there, I am happy.  I feel blessed and I see those blessings everywhere I look.  My baby boy is so active.  I get overjoyed with every little movement.  I've been pregnant three times before this and always loved feeling my babies move but this time it's so different.  Every movement he makes I thank God for the reassurance it provides me.  I thank God that this baby is such a strong little guy.  I thank God that those strong movements inside of me make me confident in the fact that my son is protected.  If this little guy has the energy to be that active inside of me, he has to have plenty of energy to be growing well.  Blessings all around me, including inside of me.


  1. I love the frog and love you lady!!!

  2. Mama, you are amazing. I'm on your BBC birthboard and came across your thread tonight, and then read your entire blog.

    I will add you to my prayers. Continue to trust in God, have faith and forget about anyone who gets mad for you making this about you. It is about YOU. It is what's happening to you right now, and if you have friends that resent you because this makes your Facebook life more interesting than theirs, forget them. They're not worth it.

    Phillipians 4:6-8
    Psalm 34:1-22

    1. Thank you! I so greatly appreciate the prayers!!! And thanks for reading my entire blog. It's actually super flattering that people take the time to read it at all.