Friday, June 15, 2012

Discussions/Arguments I've Had

Some days I feel completely rational.  To those around me, I'm sure I appear pretty irrational.  Below are some of the conversations I've had that show how hard it is to tolerate my stubborn ways.  And these are just a few of the many.

This morning with my husband:
John:  How are you feeling?
Me:  Slight nausea consistently and a continuous throbbing headache.
John:  Did you call the doctor about the headache?
Me:  No.
John:  You know they said you should call and let the doctor know if you have a headache?
Me:  I think it's just because I haven't been sleeping well.
John:  Don't you think you should call either way?
Me:  Can you just call for me if you're that concerned?

With my sister:
Cyndi:  How's your headache?
Me:  It's still pretty bad.
Cyndi:  Have you taken anything?
Me:  No.  My liver is already working overtime with all the drugs in my system.  I don't want to burden it any more.
Cyndi:  It's a fact that you heal better when you're not in pain.  Take some motrin.
Me:  I can't take motrin.  I'm pregnant.
Cyndi:  Take tylenol
Me:  Tylenol is too hard on the liver.

Another one with my sister:
Cyndi:  I'm going to look into renting a wheelchair so we can get you out of the house.
Me:  I'm not going in a wheelchair.
Cyndi:  Why not?
Me:  Because I don't want to go out in public in a wheelchair.
Cyndi:  I think it would be good for you to get out of the house and be able to go shopping or I could walk around down town or at the beach with you.
Me:  I do not want to go out in a wheel chair.
Cyndi:  Why, because of your pride?
Me:  Yes because of my pride.  I can't bring myself to be out in a wheelchair with no hair, drawing attention to myself.  If you want to get me out of the house, we'll have to go somewhere where no walking is involved.

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