Monday, June 11, 2012

First Chemo Treatment

See those dark circles under my eyes?  That's proof of my inability to sleep last night.  There I am in the photo with my nurse, Beverly.  She is injecting the adriamycin into my IV.  Weird that it is red, right?  Right now I'm sitting here in my little green chair with the last drug of the three.  It will take half an hour for this last one to get into my system.  So far I feel nothing except fatigue from my inability to sleep last night.  And I'm kinda hungry.

When I woke up this morning, I was feeling so extremely emotional.  I am taking a drug that is going to save my life as well as make it extremely uncomfortable for the next several months.  The next time I'm here I will be bald...bald and pregnant with one breast.  That's hard to swallow.

I'm here with my sister and my husband.  They're taking turns sitting with me because I'm only allowed to have one visitor at a time.  How blessed am I to have people taking turns to be at my side while I go through this?  God has truly blessed me with the most amazing people surrounding me.  Faith, family, friends and attitude are going to get me through this.

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