Thursday, October 25, 2012

D Day - Part 1

Under normal circumstance, I am completely against induction.... but here I am at the hospital getting induced.

I had my 39 week appointment at 3:30 yesterday.  Baby boy is still head down, I was dilated to a two and ready to meet my sweet baby boy.  I haven't been sleeping well for quite a while because of the lower back and hip pain.  I never experienced this with my other pregnancies. It is very unenjoyable. My OB (Dr. Ramos) stripped my membranes and said she could have me come into the hospital at 8 pm and start cervidil and hopefully I would deliver in the morning.  This idea worked well for me because I wanted him to be born on the 25th anyhow.  Ephraim and Tobias both are born on the 25th of different months and Daphne, John and I are all born on the 1st of different months.  Today is also my parents 44th wedding anniversary, my brother-in-law's 38th birthday and my nephew, Caleb's 10th birthday.  So, why not just add one more event to the day?

We got to the hospital at 8 pm and by 10, I had the cervidil in place and consumed some ambien to get some sleep.  The ambien only worked for 5 hours because I've been up since 3 watching the monitor showing my boy's heart rate in the 130's and my contractions registering small but frequent.  These contractions need to kick it up a notch so I can meet my boy.

John is here with me being the dutiful husband, forced to sleep on a sofa that is way too small for his 6'8" frame.  He is very excited to meet this little boy too.

John sleeping on the sofa across the room.

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  1. I'm hoping you are holding your sweet baby boy right now!

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Please let me know if you need help with anything.

    Lots of love and happy positive thoughts going your way!

    The Davis Family