Thursday, October 11, 2012

Breech Baby

This morning I went in for my weekly OB check up.  37 weeks... officially considered full term!    First came the non-stress test.  Little boy was very cooperative today.  He was actually too mellow for Dr. Ramos' taste.  She had me drink some cold water to get him going.  Once the cold water was consumed, he passed the test with flying colors...even though my bladder was a little stressed. After the non-stress test, I went in to the exam room where my uterus was measured and then she pulled out the ultrasound machine.  So, I thought I'd had my last ultrasound but I was wrong.  Dr. Ramos did a quick scan of my stomach and then moved up to just under my right ribs and she said, "Oh honey!  He's turned the wrong way.  His head is all the way up here and his bottom is down by your left hip!"  She looked so concerned but all I could do was laugh!  She looked very stressed out and I felt like I was consoling her when I said, "Well, you just have to turn him then, right?"  So she did.  It was not an enjoyable experience having her pushing around on my stomach.  I've been feeling nauseous ever since.  I never thought he would have changed his position this late in the pregnancy.  He was head down at my appointment last week.  He was head down when I left her office.  I'm pretty sure he's moved and has his head up by my ribs again.  The little monkey!  Dr. Ramos says I have to go to the hospital at the first signs of labor so if he needs to be rotated again that she can do it while it's still early enough.  She also said that if my water breaks that I need to get there immediately because the umbilical chord could fall out.  My response to that was, "Can't you just push it back in?"  Sometimes ignorance is so wonderful!

On Tuesday, my mom's friend Pam came over to take some maternity pictures of me.  She's wonderful!  We spent so much time talking.  Pam is a cancer survivor and we are so similar in our views on life and cancer.  It was so nice to spend the afternoon with someone who understands me.  She e-mailed us a copy of the first photo she took of Daphne with my belly.  When I showed the picture to Daphne, she said, "I like that picture because it's my style with my mad face."  I can't wait to see the rest of them!

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