Wednesday, August 1, 2012


The past week has flown by so quickly.  I slept so much of the week away that I don't remember most of it.  I was so exhausted that returning phone calls or responding to text messages or even using my brain at all required too much energy.  I was asked the other day what the usual symptoms are right after treatment and I couldn't answer.  Everything is starting to blur together.  I think there was one day where the nausea was really bad and obviously fatigue was the side effect I experienced the most last week.  It was starting to worry me a little bit because napping during the day and then sleeping for 12 hours at night is not normal for me.  But then again, none of this is normal.

Yesterday I woke up at 6 am feeling an extraordinary kind of wonderful.  I felt energy and joy the moment I opened my eyes.  I love waking up early when the house is quiet and I can have that time just to myself.  When the kids woke up, I fed them breakfast and got the boys ready for soccer camp.  We left half an hour early so I stopped to get coffee on the way to soccer camp.  While waiting for me latte, I ran into my sister's friend who is running a volleyball camp this week.  She told me to bring Daphne for the rest of the week free of charge.  I was super excited about this because Daphne has talked about playing volleyball since she was 2 years old.  She thinks it's a girl sport.  She says she doesn't want to play basketball or soccer because those are boy sports.  So, I dropped the boys off at soccer camp and then took Daphne to volleyball camp.  As I was driving away after dropping Daphne off, I totally started to get teary eyed.  It felt like a normal healthy morning and I was so grateful for one morning of being a normal mom.  I started to think about how extreme the turn around was from the day before.  What a gift it is to wake up filled with joy.  God has truly blessed me.

Today I am feeling pretty good again.  Not as great as yesterday but still good.  I think I over did it a little bit yesterday.  After taking the kids to camp I made a trip to Target to get school supplies.  I spent two hours trying to figure out what to get.  I had three lists: kindergarten, second grade and third grade.  They are so specific with those stinkin' lists!  10 pack of washable crayola broad line markers.  Target carries an 8 pack of washable crayola broad line markers or a 10 pack of (unwashable) crayola broad line markers.  The lists were filled with items that left me completely confused.  It's funny how the little things can feel so overwhelming.

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  1. Joy! Joy!! So glad you had a great day! I love that Daphne is starting volleyball. She will love it. Hannah has been playing since 2nd grade and this summer attended 5 volleyball camps. Do they have Junior Olympic volleyball there? As soon as she is old enough, I would highly encourage it.

    By the way, those lists confuse everyone!! Hannah is old enough now, I had her the list and I stand with the cart and have her bring everything to me, ha!

    Love you and praying you have an amazing day today!!