Monday, August 13, 2012

Cancer is Boring

I haven't been blogging much lately because I'm kinda just sick of dwelling on it.  Now that I'm past mourning the loss of my hair, I find that I don't have much to complain about....and what fun is blogging if it's not all dramatic and poor me.  That's only part of it though.  I've been pretty busy lately with the normal day to day stuff that moms do and there's a very fine line for me when it comes to over doing it.  Other than a lack of energy I don't have anything to complain about...well...I take that back.  I really want to complain about my weight gain but what can I say about that?  I don't have control over much in my life right now but I do have control over my eating habits and I'm falling down on the job.  I don't believe in excuses and right now I have a whole lot of them.  The fact is... I eat crap and I don't exercise anymore.  Maybe the fact that I just called myself out on my weakness will give me incentive to actually do something about it.

John and I took the kids to their first day of school today and then we headed off to my 4th round of chemo.  Same old thing.  After every treatment I feel exhausted and ravenous (stupid steroids aren't helping my food issues...I really want a doughnut right now).  We made it home from treatment just in time to pick Daphne up from her first day of kindergarten.  She refused to tell me anything about her first day of school, which is very normal for my strong willed, auburn haired little girl.

I am officially in my third trimester.  I have an OB appointment tomorrow.  She'll order my glucose test to check for gestational diabetes.  I'm a little concerned about that because on my last blood work it shows really low glucose...and it's really weird to have low glucose when you've just polished off a milk shake.

I continue to receive blessings from amazing people; from "thinking of you" cards in the mail to delicious dinners to friends spending their time and money to come and visit us.  I feel blessed and loved even on the days when I feel like crap.  Below are pictures of my kids this morning on their way to their first day of school.  How can I not feel blessed with those three precious faces to look at every day?
Daphne (kindergarten), Tobias (2nd grade), Ephraim (3rd grade)


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    1. I like this blog. It's so YOU! I especially liked the part where you said you really wanted a doughnut. Haha! Made me laugh. Out loud. Try not to worry too much about your blood sugar. Even if something comes up from the docs as a concern, I hear they will just put you on a diet....prbly with no doughnuts allowed. :-) But a doughnut now and again is perfectly fine!! Give yourself a break. You have a lot going on and it sounds like you are doing a great job with it all. I'm glad we got to catch up the other day. I miss you tons!!! Love the pic of Daphne! She is such a doll!!