Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Floating Prosthesis

Have you ever considered the difficulty of finding a mastectomy/maternity bathing suit?  I just googled mastectomy/maternity apparel just to see if anything came up.  My search came up empty.  When I bought my swimsuit for our vacation I was pretty certain I wouldn't find anything specific enough for my current needs.  My priority was a bathing suit with a place to insert my prosthesis but I made sure to allow ample room for baby growth.  My options were VERY limited.   I am now the proud owner of a grandma bathing suit.  Well, I got to wear my special suit for the first time today.  The kids have been begging me to go swimming with them ever since we got here but I've been working up to it.  Today I was finally ready to join in on the fun.  As I was getting into the pool, Ephraim announced, "Hey, my mom is wearing a fake boob".  He looked over at me and said with a slightly lower tone, "You can even kinda see it coming out her bathing suit".  I look down and my prosthesis is showing above the line of my bathing suit.  Of course, I was in the water up to my shoulders so it was floating a little and no one ever would have noticed had Ephraim not pointed it out.  Oh well.  At least he's happy to claim me.

Today Daphne was playing with a little girl down at the beach and the little girl couldn't stop staring at me.  I heard her ask Daphne about my missing hair but I was unable to hear Daphne's response.  Tonight I asked her what she tells people when they ask about my bald head.  She said, "I just told them you have cancer".  Just like shame.   I've been talking about what I hope to teach my children from this but it seems to me like I really need a lesson from them.

Bald head update:  Today I told my sister that my head kinda looks like a globe.  The ocean is represented by all the bald areas with lots of islands of brown hair that has yet to fall out.  I look much more like a cancer patient now than I did in the pictures I posted.

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