Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Falling Through the Cracks

Below is the email I just sent to my oncologist.  Amanda is the Physician's Assistant that I had my appointment with on Monday.  She makes me feel a complete lack of confidence.  On Monday when she told me my counts were too low to get treatment, I responded with, "Oh good.  That means the chemo is working, right?"  Her response to me, "Not necessarily."  And that was it.  Those are the kinds of answers I get from her.  No explanation or depth to her answers.  She's lucky she doesn't have her own practice because she wouldn't be able to retain any patients after their first visit with her.    

Dr. Kass,

I was told by Amanda at my appointment on Monday that I should hear from someone on Tuesday about my Neulasta/Neupogen injection.  I didn't hear anything yesterday, so I called and left a message.  I didn't receive a return phone call so I called again today and was informed that I needed to be checking with the pharmacy.  I called the pharmacy and they said they never received a prescription for me.  I called Lydia and she spoke with Amanda and somehow the prescription didn't go through to the pharmacy on Monday.  Lydia said she would call in the prescription.  I then called the pharmacy again a short time later to confirm they had received it and they informed me that the prescription was for a dose that doesn't exist.  I just received a return call from the pharmacy stating that the pre-authorization is required and they're sending it back over to your office.  

I'm feeling very frustrated and like I was not informed correctly at my appointment on Monday about what I needed to do in order to get this going.  Two days have passed without any action at all because somehow the prescription never went through.  I feel as if I have slipped through the cracks and needed to bring this situation to your attention so that I can feel confident that it will get taken care of.

Thank you,
Rebecca Raymond

So...obviously I still haven't received my injection to boost my immune system.  I'm so angry I cried (that's what I do when I get really, really mad).  When I meet with my oncologist this coming Monday I will inform him that I will no longer have appointments with Amanda because I have no confidence in her.  

Please keep the prayers coming.  I am so nervous about getting sick.  I am becoming a little neurotic.  I visualize germs everywhere I go.  I'm getting so bad that when I wash my hands and then dry them with a towel, I then use hand gel afterwards just in case the towel was harvesting any bacteria.  Hopefully my craziness pays off.

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  1. You are not crazy. Hang in there. Katy and I pray for you every night. We are on your side. God bless you! Jerry H.