Monday, November 5, 2012

PET Scan Scheduled

I called my oncologist's office this morning to find out the status of the PET scan they said they were going to get scheduled this week.  Apparently they hadn't done it... which doesn't make me feel very confident.  They faxed the orders over Nuclear Medicine and I called to schedule the scan.  This Friday at 7:30am.  The only instructions are no carbs or sugar for the 24 hours before the test and fasting for 6 hours before.  As soon as I got off the phone from scheduling the appointment I was overcome by fear.  I am terrified.  How strange to have nothing change except for a test being scheduled...but it can make such a huge difference with my emotions.  I told my husband that I'm afraid and he told me that he is too.  This afternoon my sister Julie asked me what comes next and I told her I have the PET scan scheduled for this Friday.  She asked me if I'm afraid.  I said yes and she said that she is too.  The fact that other people are afraid for me makes me even more afraid.  I guess this week I will be learning patience.  The waiting is the true challenge for me.  I am still choosing to believe that I have no cancer in my body.  I am claiming it right now and I am going to take control of my feelings and choose to not allow this fear to have any power over me.  I trust God with my life... whatever may come.

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  1. I am praying and claiming healing for your body every day. Our.God is the God of peace. I am praying peace for you. Love ya!