Thursday, May 23, 2013

Don't Sleep and Drive

Parents...before you allow your children to get their driver's license please explain to them the difference between health insurance and auto insurance.  You will be doing your entire community a huge favor.

Yesterday morning at 4:45 am I was woken up by the sound of a car accident.  I jumped out of bed, looked out the window and saw a man get out of his car and walk back down the street.  I went to another window overlooking the front of the house.  I watched the man walk up to my minivan, look at it, and then walk back to his car.  I threw on a sweat shirt and slippers, grabbed my phone, and headed for the front door.  I got out front and the neighbors across the street were already out there and had called the police.  I went back in to wake up my sleeping husband.  (I'm not sure why I didn't think to do this before I headed outside)  Apparently the kid had fallen asleep at the wheel and side swiped my car.  He tried to take off but his car was no longer drive-able.  When the cops showed up and asked him for his insurance information, he handed them a copy of his Blue Cross Blue Shield card.  Now...I've thought this through quite a bit.  Could he have been trying to be funny?  Maybe he thought giving the officer his health insurance card would actually trick the officer into taking that information?  He couldn't possibly have thought the officer actually wanted his health insurance information, right?  He couldn't actually be that stupid?  Well, the kid's future isn't looking too bright.  He's already had a DUI, been caught driving on a suspended license three times, had a warrant out for his arrest, and totaled my car without having any insurance to pay for it.  The biggest bummer of all... we have only liability coverage.  We will have to pay out of pocket to fix the car or buy a new one.  None of those are a good option when we're about to put our life's savings down on a house and we need to buy appliances and furniture.  Thank God for my husband who can fix anything.  He will spend the next several days locating the parts needed to get the car drive-able.  He will have to replace the rear axle.  We'll have to live with the body damage.  It looks ugly but all we really need is a car that's safe and fits the entire family.  John better get that minivan fixed before we both need to be somewhere at the same time.

About a month ago I started having headaches.  I mentioned the headaches to my oncologist.  He said he thought they were probably stress related and he wanted me to try to reduce my stress and see if it helped the headaches.  Well, the headaches haven't gone away.  When I get them, I freak myself out.  I focus on what I'm experiencing and I start thinking about metastasis to the brain.  I try to convince myself that they are just tension headaches from stress.  I mean... I do have a lot going on right now and the headaches did get a whole lot worse yesterday after my car was crashed into and I started to think about the financial ramifications of not having uninsured motorist coverage.  I told my oncologist the headaches have not gotten any better and now the brain MRI is scheduled.  June 6.

We will get the keys to our house on May 31, the day before my 34th birthday.  We will need to baby proof first thing.  Zeke is a mischievous little monkey.  He is crawling now and I'm certain he is going to be a climber before I know it.  He already wants to pull himself up on everything.  I yelled at him for the first time the other day.  He had crawled over to the fireplace and was trying to pull himself up on the bricks.  I was across the room and yelled, "NOOOOOOOOO!"  Poor little guy.  I think I traumatized him.

I am looking forward to having a big party in our new home.  I want to invite everyone who has supported me through this past year.  I am so appreciative of all the support and love you have all provided.  Expect to receive and invitation by email, by facebook, or by mouth.  I can guarantee that I will not be sending out formal invites by mail.


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    1. I would love that so much!!! It will happen. I love you , sweet sweet Sarah!

  2. Hi Rebecca.........I'm so sorry about your van, but thank God you and your family weren't in it at the time and thank God your husband can fix it!!
    And congratulations on your new home!! I am so happy for you! God is so good and faithful. I will be praying for your stress and your headaches. Try to not to let that fear creep in, remember the enemy is looking for ways to kill, steal & destroy. He would be thrilled to see you paralyzed in fear. Stay strong hanging on to the ROCK, don't let your life stand on the sand that shifts and moves. I am praying for you!! :)
    Lisa Gallardo