Sunday, May 19, 2013

Big Headed Baby

This past week has been very full.  Zeek hit some big mile stones this past week.  He learned how to clap and he is just the cutest little clapping boy.  Yesterday he learned how to push himself up off the floor into a sitting position.  Today he learned how to pull himself up on the coffee table to a standing position.  He will be 7 months old in one week and he is getting way too big way too quickly.  Today he also started saying, "Dada".  

Zeek had his MRI on Thursday.  They had the results ready that same night.  The pediatrician said, "His brain is perfect.  He just has a big head, so expect great things from him in college."  The best news ever!  

Here's a video of the little guy from last week. 

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