Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Radiation Begins

I've been learning how to go with the flow.  There isn't much in my life that I have control over but if I could control one thing right now it would be my hair growth.  My eyebrows and lashes thinned during chemo but they hadn't fallen out.  My leg and arm pit hair had all fallen out and of course the hair on my head.  Well, the head, leg, and arm pit hair have started growing back and the eyebrows and lashes have started to completely fall out.  I am so ready to not look sick anymore.  It's easy to hide a bald head but impossible to hide missing brows and lashes.

I was supposed to start radiation last week but it didn't go according to plan.  On the first day of radiation, it takes considerably longer because they have to line everything up and take additional xrays and make sure everything is mapped out perfectly so that they don't end up radiating organs. Well, I did that at my appointment last Wednesday and they decided that I needed another CT scan.  I already had a CT scan on the 1st of March and then I had two more appointments with my plastic surgeon where he filled my expander trying to get the skin stretched out before radiation.  I made sure to get the radiation oncologist's approval before I had the plastic surgeon expand more.  My plastic surgeon even called to confirm that it was okay for him to continue expanding.  Well, apparently it wasn't okay after all because it required me to start all over again and get a second CT scan and delayed my radiation start date by a week.  

The first radiation appointment was horrible.  They had me undress from the waist up and put on a gown.  They took me into the room where I will be receiving my radiation treatments and had me lay down on this cold hard table.  I then had to take my arms out of the gown and reach up above my head and hold on to two handle bars.  I then turn my head to my left, they pull down my gown to expose my chest and they tell me to hold still.  I'm laying there trying to hold still and it was taking forever.  The room is cold and I my arms are starting to go numb.  I laid there for almost an hour trying to keep my body from shivering.  After I was finally finished, I asked them about the temperature in the room because I'm worried about being able to hold still when I'm freezing.  The radiation tech said that they have to keep that room cold because the machine gives off so much heat.  He also said that the first appointment takes a lot longer than the actual radiation treatments will take.  Well, yesterday I had to go in and do the same thing again but I was prepared this time.  The first time I had worn flip flops and no hat so yesterday I wore my Ugg boots and a knit hat.  It really did help quite a bit and it was much less painful.  

For the next 6 weeks at 2 o'clock every week day I will be receiving radiation therapy.  I am praying that I will receive only the good effects of the radiation and I will not be affected negatively in any way.  

An update on my little Ezekiel:
I have had every intention of posting this big long beautiful post about my little miracle baby.  I have videos and pictures that I intend to share but it's just like his baby book.  I have good intentions, it just never happens.  It seems so inadequate to just add on an update to just any old post but it will probably never happen if I don't do just that.

My beautiful, sweet, happy, and perfect baby will turn 5 months old next week.  He cut his first tooth yesterday, graduated into size 4 diapers and size 12 month clothes, and has started eating solids.  Last month at his 4 month check up, he weighed in at a hefty 21 pounds and 27 1/2 inches long.  He is the most socially interactive baby I've had.  Sometimes if I just look at him it's enough get giggles out of him.  He is a little chatter box, constantly expressing himself by cooing and blowing raspberries.  He is amazing!  He is a source of joy for our entire family.  We all think he is the smartest, sweetest, most wonderful baby ever.  This is the baby I have loved since he was just a couple of dividing cells.  

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  1. I feel you with everything written above about radiation, you know that. At least this is the end of the road! I'm happy to hear about baby Z. He's an angel and a chunker. It's great to see him growing so much. 12 month clothes!