Monday, January 28, 2013

Feeling Good - and it's not because of medicinal marijuana

I feel good.  I feel like singing Simon and Garfunkel's, For Emily.  

Watch Simon and Garfunkel - For Emily

I don't know why I feel like singing this song because it's a love song to a woman.  I was thinking about the report my 2nd grader is doing on Martin Luther King Jr. and the I Have a Dream speech.  My dream isn't on the scale of Martin Luther King's.  It's on a much smaller scale.  What a dream I had...but it wasn't dressed in organdy or clothed in crinoline as the song states.  My dream is one of the heart.  I love when my heart is medicated by friendship.  I can't explain how my heart and soul are revived by the love of people.  The definition of revived that I looked up is below. This is the perfect word to use for how I feel in this moment.

REVIVED   past participle, past tense of re-vive (Verb)

1. Restore to life or consciousness: "both men collapsed, but were revived".
2. Regain life, consciousness, or strength.

Today I completed round 9.  I talked on the phone with two of my dearest friends, Nicole and Stefani, from my old stomping ground in Tracy, CA.  I talked with my best friend Ember.  I talked on the phone with my sister-in-law.  I texted with my awesome, butt kicking, trainer/nutritional counselor friend, Heidi.  She's going to help me get my physique turned around from frumpy/fatty to strong/healthy.  Love her!  I saw my inspirational friend Rhiannon briefly tonight at my nephew's high school basketball game.  I love basketball!  I get such a thrill watching the game.  Friends and basketball... medicine for the soul.  Oh boy!  Now I'm feeling so good, so nice, like sugar and spice.  I feel like singing James Brown.

Watch James Brown sing I Feel Good!

To sum things up... the oncologist prescribed me Ambien which means my day will end in deep slumber.  Today was a great day.  I am blessed.  This post could just be the consequence of chemo brain...but who cares.  I love this post.  It involves Simon and Garfunkel, James Brown, and a vocabulary word complete with definition.  The only thing missing is the Word.

"You have changed my sadness into a joyful dance; you have taken away my sorrow and surrounded me with joy."    -Psalm 30:11

The Lord is my strength.  He has blessed me in a countless number of ways.


  1. You're in my thoughts and prayers. What a wonderfully brave woman you are, and an amazing and beautiful soul. So glad to hear that you are feeling good. Sending lots of support and good wishes your way!

    1. Thank you! Your kind words totally lift me up and I so appreciate it! I don't know who you are though because it just says anonymous... but I appreciate you just the same. :)